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Digital Security:

I have a few people I know working in the IT world of computers. Digital Marketing and Digital Security go hand in hand. Here are a few concerns we should all be aware of.


We have all seen the network identifier in front of an online address that identifies if the website network is secure. (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) However, if you do not physically type that identifier in manually before the website address in your browser your network is not secure.

It does not matter if the browser automatically enters it in for you, you are still vulnerable. This must be entered manually before the website address. Do this for all sensitive accounts such as your online bank account and other sensitive places.


Facebook accounts have been getting hacked and the owner of the account getting locked out. The hackers then use your friends and family list to contact and ask them for money as if you were in an emergency situation like being stranded somewhere or some other financial crisis.

To help limit your site getting hacked, always type in the HTTPS:// manually before visiting Facebook and change your password periodically.

Droid Phones:

If you have a Droid phone and have ever downloaded an app, your phone may be compromised. To check your phone if it has been compromised you will want to look in a couple of places and look for a couple of operations.

1) Look in your Running apps in droid settings and look for “SIM Tool Kit”. If you see this all information, contacts, camera, voice, emails linked to phone, text messages, basically all functions of your phone may be monitored by a third party. Your phone is compromised.

2) Look in your Running apps, Download folder, or on your Sim and SD card file. If you see anything that says “Lookout Secure”, your phone is compromised and all information may be monitored and can be changed by a third party.

Some of these may be written to the code of certain apps that you may download from a third party or even the Google store. Explore your phone and look up the app name to see if any of these apps are on your phone. Be careful of what you put on your phone. 

​Here's a Llist:           Commercially known as:                                                                 App name:

                                 PDA Spy                                                                                         Zend Setup Invisible

                                 Phone Control                                                                                 Android Manager

                                 SMS Tracker                                                                                   SMS Tracker

                                 Spytic                                                                                    ,  

                                 Theftspy                                                                                          Android Framework

                                 Kidlogger                                                                                        Kidlogger

                                 Mobile Spy                                                                                     SIM Toolkit

                                 Mobistealth                                                                                     Lookout Secure

                                 MobiUcare                                                                                      MobiUcare       

IOS or Apple phones are a little more difficult to penetrate. To keep your Apple phone secure only download apps from the Apple store and never Jailbreak your phone to accept a third party app download.
I hope this helps. Stay safe and happy computing.

R. Hughes

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Digital Marketing Made Simple:

If you are in business then you know the value of marketing. You also know how daunting this task is to keep up with this everchanging landscape. In today’s marketplace, you must have an in-depth knowledge of how this landscape works and what to expect for tomorrow outcome with today’s marketing efforts. To help you understand how this marketplace looks today in the digital world, I put together this outline to help you navigate the digital market place.

First if you understand these four keys you will be able to crack the code to generate sales for your business.

1. Market- You know your business. You are selling a service or a product. But, do you know who is the best demographic to market to? If not take some time to analyze your past sales or even learn who your competitors are marketing to. You will have a better idea of your best clients and where to spend your marketing efforts. Understanding this demographic will greatly focus your marketing efforts so you do not spend money where it is unnecessary.

2. Message- What are you trying to say to this demographic? Does your message stand out from your competition? Take the time to review your message and any ads you are thinking of running. I like to review all the competitors in an area and list all the things they are saying. I write them down in a list fashion. When I see anything repeated from other competitors I make a check mark. After I review all the competitors in a given area, I understand what the Market is seeing the most. Most of the time the Messages are repeated and the same. I then craft a Message for my clients to stand out and remove them from the herd.

3. Media- Media is understanding what platforms you want to use to target your Market with your Message. In digital marketing you will use a number of different strategies like Social Media Platforms, Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, In-bound and Content Marketing to convey your Message to your demographic.

4. System- Not only do you need to have an in depth understanding of the Media system you will be using, but you also need to understand your own unique system for generating sales. At the end of this outline there is a diagram to help you understand what your system may look like.

Understanding the above keys will improve your results immediately. Next, I will share with you the four pillars of digital marketing. This is the foundation which your business will stand on in the digital marketing online world.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization. When you do a search online the results are generated by a ranking system. To improve your rankings there is a specific strategy used to get your business to the top pages of these search engines. Using these strategies will benefit your business in the long run because you will be getting organic traffic to your website or landing page. But keep in mind it can take 6 to 12 months to see results.

Search Engine Paid- Also known as Search Engine Marketing. You are creating and placing ads on search engines to be on the first pages immediately. This is a great way to circumvent SEO and get your business on page one now. Or use it to get immediate results now and build your SEO as you go.

Social Media Organic- Using social media is a great way to promote your product or service. There is a lot of specific strategies you can use to target your demographic without having to use paid ads, such as In-bound or Content Marketing. These are effective strategies that do not have a salesy style and build rapport with your demographic. But it does take time to build. Almost as long as Search Engine Optimization. But it is worth it in the long run.

Social Media Paid- If you are looking for immediate results. Then you can use Social Media Paid Ads. As your ads run, potential clients will see your ad and they can click on it and go to your Website or Landing page. This is a great way to get in front of new potential clients now. Using this and Social Media Organic strategies is a great way to compound your marketing efforts.

All of these marketing efforts generate traffic and you want to send this traffic to an optimized Landing Page or Optimized Website. There are many ways to optimize your Landing Page and Website for maximum results. A landing page is different from a Website in that a Landing page is one page with your message or offer and a place to contact you and opt-in. To optimize your Landing page or Website, among many things you want to make sure your site is consistent with your message and offer, and make sure the traffic to your site can contact you, buy your product, or simply opt in for more information. There are many different strategies you can use for each of the strategies above. Understand the system you want to use and maximize that system for optimal results.

There are two diagrams to visualize how it looks. Diagram 1 is viewable on desktops. Diagram 2 is for mobile. Traffic, Opt-in, Follow-up, Close, equals a Sale. I hope this is helpful in understanding how digital marketing can work for you. If you would like to know more or use our services for your digital marketing needs, Great! Contact us at: 

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​Thank you and happy computing!


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