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Since hundreds of aspects can affect a website’s overall desirability to search engines, our SEO techniques are well-versed in numerous evaluation tools like Google Analytics and Moz’s Open Site Explorer in order to create a thorough action plan. Likewise, we also have to continually research the latest search engine updates of core ranking algorithms, plus understand how those changes will impact our clients.

​So what does our SEO tasks actually involve on a day-to-day basis? In most cases, we wear many hats to help drive our clients’ SEO objectives. Every project begins with a thorough evaluation of our client’s website.

- In-depth keyword research
- Studying traffic and analytics
- Split-testing similar pages
- Building natural backlinks
- Analyzing the client’s competitors
- Maximizing local search exposure

- The quality of the content and how customers interact with it
- Which keywords are most important for that client
- Page errors and problems with loading times
- The amount and quality of other websites linking back to the client
- Potential SEO violations that are incurring a penalty
- Page authority, domain authority, and other metrics

Onsite SEO Optimization Example

Title Tags
- Description Tags Optimization
- Heading Tags or H tags (H1, H2, H3)
- Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
- Internal Links Optimization
- 404/Broken Links Check

- 301/302 Redirect
- Robots.Txt
- XML Sitemap
- Page Load Checking
- XML Sitemap Submission
- Canonicalization

-​ Writing great content geared towards ideal customers
- Adding photos and graphics to make pages visually appealing and engaging
- Ensuring keywords are used properly (in the title, first paragraph, etc.)
- The importance of having a mobile optimized website
- Building quality backlinks from different reputable sources
- Creating citations to strengthen the business’s local presence
- Driving traffic from numerous sources around the web
- Making content authoritative, yet easy to read as well

- Blog Writing and Page Writing
- Authority Web 2.0 Blog Creation Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 or more
- PDF/DOC Sharing Backlinks
- Press Release
- Press Release Distribution
- About Company Description Writing (100 Words) for Profile Links
- High Authority Profile Links
- Description Writing for Image Sharing
- Image Sharing Backlinks
- Backlinks from Authority Q&A Sites
- Short Description Using Keywords/Topic
- Social Media Posting
- Promotional Video Creation
- Video Description Writing (50-100 Words)
- Video Sharing
- Work Report​s

Marketing Solutions Technology Digital Marketing and SEO
Marketing Solutions Technology Digital Marketing and SEO

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Marketing Solutions Technology Digital Marketing and SEO

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- Developing strong calls to action
- Working with writers and designers
- Programming 
- Creating effective ranking strategies
- Researching the latest SEO practices

Proper search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for businesses to gain greater visibility with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. An SEO expert has the skill to help clients vault their way up the search engines while focusing on things like customer engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, an SEO expert is a lifelong student of their craft since the rules and requirements are in a state of constant evolution. We will grow your business online and get your business in the upper top ranks of search engines. Our SEO services are 100% Google safe and we only use white hat techniques. 

​It’s important to note that we have a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. For example, we may focus on the programming backgrounds and/or on technical optimization, while at other times we may need to focus on the experience of the visitor and work on the design, writing, or advertising fields. Regardless of our focus, we know the ins and outs of how search engines work.

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We also do independent research on the latest algorithm updates, where other marketers are having success, and getting to know the client’s business and customers. We also have a strong customer service and interpersonal skills which is a necessity. Clients may have limited knowledge of how search optimization works, so it’s up us to help explain our techniques in a non-technical, understandable way.

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